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Saturday, May 31, 2014

sherlilocks and the grumpy bear

the crate was hidden in the corner of a living room in a big house with lots of space to roam. 
the flap door was hanging wide open, so naturally, sherlielocks decided to make herself at home.
 promptly quenching her thirst at the conveniently placed water bowl, it was confirmed. 
yes, this spot was just right for a self-entitled feline such as herself. 
and she made quick work of falling into a much contented slumber.
grumpy bear watson just in from his muddy walk through the outer reaches of his kingdom, 
heading straight for his pup cave. 
normally he wouldn't leave the inner sanctum of his homeland in such wet conditions, 
but it had been raining for many days 
and he had to attend to an urgent border control matter, that simply could wait no longer. 
grumpier than usual at his soggy predicament and looking forward to the comfort of his cave, 
he laid eyes upon the sleeping cat with a look of indignant betrayal.
 sensing his gaze sherlielocks quickly awoke with a seething look to match 
and suddenly they found themselves at an impasse.

they simply were going to have to agree to disagree on this matter...

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