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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Canned Food Avenger Strikes at Dusk!


so occasionally after all the bills have been paid and the cars have been gased
one might find themselves living on ramen until pay day...
its not so bad ive even got a cookbook with 101 things you can do with ramen
the draw back on the ramen diet is that it also means no funds for canned kitty foods
as the good parent that one tries to be there is never an empty bowl in our household
be it canine, feline or human.
like ramen we buy dry food in bulk.
but sherlock is a very spoiled vindictive little girl.
when i got home from work yesterday
i filled her food bowl full of crisp delicious crunchy dry food goodness
and explained to her quite remorsefully that unfortunately she was all out of wet food.
that she would just have to make due with her dry food until friday.
i received a pissy tail swish and an hour of woeful kitty cries
im certain the neighbors thought we were practicing torture techniques...
i made a point of stating very loudly (thankful once for thin apartment walls)
"sherlock you are fine! i will buy you more wet food friday!"
i dont think i was very believable. none of them would make eye contact with me this morning.
maybe i should've been louder...
to make things even better
as though her evening opera weren't enough..
sherlock also made a point of leaving me a nasty surprise in my bed.

apparently this is what she thinks of an all dry food diet.
i'd also like to add that yesterday was day one with no wet food.
i've also been away from home since 730 this morning
can i stay the night at someone's house until friday?

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